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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

Show Notes:

I sat down with Brian Wise from Fly Fishing the Ozarks on youtube.  Brian is a huge player in the streamer game producing some amazing fly tying videos on his channel.  We talk about fishing giant streamers on the North Fork of the White River.

We hear the background of how Brian could dunk the hoop at a height of 5’8” and was on his way to a scholarship when a blown out knee crushed his dreams.  But, this is also how his fly fishing career came to be.

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Show Notes with Brian Wise

- We talk about the Cake video with one of Brian's first fly tying videos that gave him a nice kick getting started.  

- We talk about Kelly Galloup, Rich Strolis and others which are some of the flies Brian Ties.  Kelly was on the podcast here and Rich Strolis was on here.

- Here’s the fly tying tips video series which is a little different than the typical fly tying videos on Brian's channel.

- The Double Deceiver fly is the goto pattern tied by Mike Schmidt.  This is off of Lefty’s Deceiver pattern.

- Brian uses a Clackacraft and fishes and casts to the areas that are prime for predator brown trout.

- I noted the Martin’s Boat movie and the big water.  We went on a little drift boat tangent here.

- The Knucklehead fly pattern will be out with Montana Fly Company in 2021.

- Brian is also doing the video for the Fly Men Fishing Company.

- The Fly Men Tester video by Brian Wise.  If you need a swim tank for your flies this might be the solution.

- The new tornado anchor

- We both use Sawyer oars.  I should get them on for the drift boat series.

- The knucklehead pattern and the lap dancer are the top 2 flies.

- Gunnar Braemer's youtube channel is a top 2 channel along with the fly fish food guys. 

You can find Brian at

Top 10 Streamer Tips from this Episode
Have a T3, T6 and T9 weight sinking lines (Cortland lines)
Target areas with habitat and sink your fly down
Trying to spark the musky like instincts (no figure 8)
Use the bank to show you the river habitats
Look for color changes in river bottom
You don’t want your rod tip to move (not everyone is Kelly Galloup)
Use a strip strike with a quick strip
Your state of mind and game plan - put your head down and keep making casts
Don't switch of your fly color every 5 minutes
Maroubou tip - Spin the stem and then cut to create a small ball

Resources Noted in the Show

Fly Tying Tips Video Series

Fly Men Fishing Co Tester Swim Tank

Marling Bates is a great channel

Videos Noted in the Show

Cake - Going the Distance

Water Boy movie clip

Conclusion with Brian Wise

Brian Wise shares some great tips on fishing streamers in the North Fork of the White River.  We also get into his youtube channel and how he produces content that is a little different that your normal fly tying video.

We find out how to tie a 9 inch weightless fly and the right sinking fly lines to use that make casting an ease.  We find out how to find fish in a new river by identifying the habitat on dry land.

Show Notes: