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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 6, 2020

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Richard Harrington, from the River Rambler Podcast, is on the today to share the fly fishing story of Oregon to New York and back again for steelhead. Richard also shares some great tips on steelhead fishing the North Umpqua.

We talk about skating flies and the best way to hitch a fly behind the head so it skates up nicely for you.  We get into a little bit of everything including who is the mastermind behind Richard's podcast and which spey rods he loves.

Show Notes with Richard Harrington

- Frank Moore was on the podcast here in episode 46.

- Rick Pope was on the podcast here and we talked about the Flip Pallot episode with the $40k in cash story.

- The Go Fund Me site for Frank Moore due to loosing his house from the fires. Here’s my episode with Frank Moore. 

- Here’s the skunk I used to catch the Frank Moore fish on the river.

- John McMillan was on the podcast here and talked about the status of steelhead.

- The River Why book was amazing and compared to the River Rambler here.

- Currents Podcast is produced by Richard's daughter.

- I noted the Zoom PodTrac P4 which I will be using and testing very soon.  You can find my review of it on my other podcast here:  The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast.

- Todd Hirano's blog is a great resource for dry flies for steelhead.

The Riffle Hitch for skating flies for steelhead

- The Blue Heron hooks and Dave McNeese was a guest on the podcast in episode 155 here.

- I noted Moonshine Rods and some of the smaller companies that are out there.

- The Drake Magazine forum is a good resource.

- Burkheimer Rods, Gary Anderson, Meiser Rods are all big players in the Northwest spey game.

- Todd Hirano's Wang fly is great for skating steelhead.

- George Cook was on the Podcast here in episode 131.

- John Larisons book, Dec Hogan's book, Todd Hirano's blog are great resources for dry fly fishing.

- Richard C Harrington  is the art side of Richard and where you can find his stuff.

You can find Richard at and the SouthLimaSteelhead

Resources Noted in the Show

Blue Heron hooks

John Larison's Steelhead book

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Frank Moore Podcast Video

Bomber fishing for Atlantic salmon

"You're not going to skate fish if you don't fish skaters."

Conclusion with Richard Harrington

We hear Richard Harrington’s amazing story of creating a steelhead focused podcast after being “stuck” in New York for 40 years prior to returning to the NW. Richard and I talk about everything in this one from D Day to the Wallows.

We also dig into some resources and tips on skating flies for steelhead including some great blogs, books and videos that you'll love.  click the link below to subscribe so you get updated when the next podcast drops.

Show Notes: