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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 13, 2020

Show Notes:

I am very pleased to have the great Dave Whitlock on the podcast to share the story of how he made a life in fly fishing and in art.  Dave provides some tips on fishing terrestrials and how the Dave’s Hopper became the fly he’s most known for.

We hear about the impact of Joe Brooks, Lee Wulff, Davy Wotton and others who influenced Dave along the way.  We dig into a little on the White River and focus on some of the terrestrial patterns that Dave has created over the years.

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Show Notes with Dave Whitlock

- Brian Wise was on the podcast in episode 157 here from Fly Fishing the Ozarks and talked about fishing streamers on the North Fork of the White River.

- I note the Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods which is one of my goto bug books.

- Dave is doing some artwork for Trout Magazine from Trout Unlimited. 

- Dave's Hopper is one of the most know fly patterns.  

- Here's a link to the Hopper DVD.

- The Red Fox squirrel nymph

- The Bright spot carpenter ant is another of Dave’s terrestrial patterns.  

- Davy Wotton was on the podcast in episode 35 and talked about fishing wet flies.

- Brian Wise talked about the North Fork of the White River and was on the podcast here.

- Rick Hafele was on the podcast is episode 37 and covered the basics of entomology.

- Gary Borger was a big influence for Dave and was on our podcast in episode 45 here.

Joe Brooks was Dave's first fly fishing mentor and his nephew was on our podcast here in episode 71.  Here is a link to the Joe Brooks Documentary we talked about.

- Lee Wulff was another huge mentor for Dave in conservation.  I had Joan Wulff on here and we talked about Lee.

- Al Mclane's fly fishing encyclopedia

- Here's a link to a podcast with Emily and Dave Whitlock.

- Frank Moore was on the podcast here in episode 46.

You can find Dave at

Conclusion with Dave Whitlock

The great Dave Whitlock is on the podcast this week to share his amazing life story and some tips on fishing terrestrials.  We hear about Dave Wotton and some of the other big mentors for Dave over the years.

This one hits home for me because Dave is very similar in age to my dad and had a very similar life in fly fishing.  Lot's of good stuff on the White River, Oklahoma and trout fishing.

Show Notes: