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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 27, 2020

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Tom Bie, editor of the Drake Magazine, is here to share the story of how he got started and how the magazine came to be.  Tom shares the story of how it all goes back to when he was a lifty at the ski resort.

We hear about the influence from Powder magazine and the years leading up to the start of the Drake.  Find out how Tom edits and chooses the essays to use in the magazine.  He shares the one tip to get yourself published in the Drake Magazine.

Show Notes with Tom Bie

- The print version of Power Magazine just went out of business.

- I noted the Marty Sheppard episode (not Sherman) sorry Marty.  Here's the link to episode 76 with Marty and Mia.

- Folsom Prison Blues

- The 7th issue of Paddler magazine was the start of the Drake magazine.  It got the Drake on the shelves of Barnes and Noble.

- Field and Stream is no longer producing a print magazine but is different than the Drake as a vertical magazine.

- Elliott Adler from the Drake was on the podcast in episode 54 here.

- Elliott Adler's brother, Simon Adler, is a producer of the huge podcast Radio Lab.  Here's Simon teaching podcasting.

- John Gierach was on the podcast in episode 47 here.

- I had Steve Duda on the Podcast here and the new editor of the FlyFish Journal, Jason Rolfe here.

- The NewYorker is one of Tom's favorite magazines for a number of reasons.

- Zach from Swing the Fly Magazine was on in episode 151 here.

- Frank Moore's go fund me site and my interview with Frank here.

- Wide Spread Panic, Phish and the Dead were all big bands for Tom in the day.

- The Sweep Boats on the Middle Fork of the Salmon

The Drake Magazine with Tom Bie at the Drake Magazine.

Resources Noted in the Show

Simon Adler Teaching Podcasting


Videos Noted in the Show

Sweep Boats on the Middle Fork

Conclusion with Tom Bie

We hear from Tom Bie, the editor of the Drake Magazine, one of the most respected fly fishing magazines on the planet.  Tom shares the story of how he went into the army to pay for his journalism degree and other amazing stories from his life.

We cover it all today including politics, conservation, fires and even a little on fishing.  Leave a comment if you had a chance to listen to this episode with Tom Bie.

Show Notes: