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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 12, 2020

Show Notes:

I'm happy to share a conversation with one of my good friend and mentor, Gene Shropshire.  You likely haven't heard from Gene before, but today we hear a great story about moving out west and the passion for fly fishing.

This podcast has given me the opportunity to share with you a person who had a big impact on me and has really cool story to share.  We dig into some stillwater tips including the best flies, tips and resources for your next trip.

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Show Notes with Gene Shropshire

- Richard Harrington was on the podcast in episode 159 here.

- We talked about Dette Flies and the influence of fly tying.  Gene met Walt Dette and learned about dry flies early on.

- We talked about Trout Unlimited and the influence on Gene and their powerful influence today.

- The Dave Whitlock podcast where we covered terrestrials.

- Gene talked about the Grizzly Hackle Fly Shop, one that I have been to in the past out of Montana.

- Dave McNeese was on the podcast here and told the story of getting busted by the federal government.

- The Blue Heron spey hook is one of Dave McNeese's main goto hooks for steelhead.

- Denny Rickards was on the podcast in episode 64 here.  Denny noted how close he was to pro baseball and we talk about the athletic influence.

- Phil Rowley was on the podcast here to cover stillwater.

- Randal Kaufman's Lake fishing with a fly  had a big influence on Gene.

- Bruce Chard was on here and covers giant Tarpon fishing.

Gene's Top 5 Dry Flies
Black Ant

The 222 - The Top Tips, Top Flies and Top Resources for Stillwater
Top Tip - Not using a long enough leader in a lake (use minimum of 15' long)
Top Tip - Find springs by looking for bubbles in lakes
Top Fly - Woolly Bugger (no bead)
Top Fly - Parachute Adams
Top Resource - Fishing Lakes by Randal Kaufman
Top Resource - Ray Bergman's Trout

Videos Noted in the Show

Tying the Red Humpy

Conclusion with Gene Shropshire

My old friend, Gene Shropshire is on the podcast this week to talk about our history, my dad and how he created a life focused on fishing and hunting.  We talk a out steelhead fishing, lake fishing and the move from east to west.

Show Notes: