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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 15, 2020

Show Notes:

Brooks Robinson shares the Cortland Line Company story and how to choose a new fly line whether you are going for trout or tarpon.  We find out how Cortland has been going strong for over 100 years now in the fly fishing space.

We dig into the Delaware River System, how to choose a dry line for the Delaware and how to catch fish on the surface.  We also find out about Cortland tarpon, spey and euro nymphing lines.

Show Notes with Brooks Robinson and Cortland Line

- Joe Goodspeed was noted as the guy who got Brooks into his job at Cortland.

- The Clear Liquid Crystal is a great line for Tarpon.

- Leon Chandler was Cortland's big lead back in the day marketing the company.

- The Trout Boss line from Cortland is great for dry fly fishing when it's windy.  The Ultra light line is also great for dry lines.

- We talk about the 444 line which has been around since since the beginning and is still one of their best selling line.

- We talk about the old crown and rimfly reels.  They offer the new Crown series reels now for trout along with the fair play.

- The liquid crystal tarpon line is the goto and the ghost tip is great for deeper fish.

- We note the 9 foot 6 weight rod and the Cortland line that lines up with the dry line.  The trout boss is a great all around dry line.

- The clear camo is one of my favorite lines for stillwater.  The ghost tip was also noted here.

- I noted the Jerry Darkes podcast and the switch rod conversation.  The Cortland compact switch is the perfect line for spey with the switch.

You can find Brooks at Cortland line company here. for help

"He was was what social media is today for Cortland."
-Brooks Robinson

Cortland Line Company with Brooks Robinson Conclusion

Brooks Robinson Cortland Line Company is here to share the story of how Cortland has survived over 100 years in the fishing space with a focus on producing fly lines.  We hear the history of Cortland, what sets them apart and how you can choose your next fly line.

We break down the fly line from the difference between a double taper and weight forward to what the best euro nymphing rod is for the day.  If you want a perspective on fly lines, this is the podcast for you.

Show Notes: