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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 22, 2020

Show Notes:

Wanda Taylor is here to share some great tips on dry fly fishing the Hiwassee River and her life in fly fishing.  Wanda shares her love for drift boats and how she uses a drift boat to get her clients into fish.

We hear another great Lefty Kreh story and her connection with Temple Fork Outfitters.  Lot's of laughs as we talk about hurricanes, tornadoes, Georgia, and life with one of the fun people in fly fishing.

Show Notes on Fishing the Hiwassee River

- I noted Roger Fletcher who will be on the show to talk about the history of drift boats.  He wrote the book - Drift Boats and River Dories.

- I noted the Pete McBride episode and the history of drift boats.  Pete described the story of Martin Litton and the first dories in the Grand Canyon.

- I noted the grand canyon dorie boats almost flipping in the massive white water.

- The TFO Legacy rod dedicated to Lefty Kreh.

- Captain Jake Jordan is Wanda's saltwater mentor with a focus on blue marlin.

- Wanda notes the Charlton Reels for Marlin fishing as well as Mako Reels.

- The parachute adams is the goto pattern.  Kelly Galloup also noted this as the number 1 pattern as well on this podcast where he breaks down some dry fly tips.

- The Tied down caddis is one of my old school goto wet flies.  I put together a fly tying tutorial on the tied down caddis, one of my all time favorite patterns.

- Orvis and the Pete casting videos

- The Hatch Fly Shop is the closest fly shop to Wanda but also notes the power of

Amazon Prime.  The elephant in the room that we all love.

- Bob, Ed, Jake, Blaine are part of the

- I noted the Rick Pope episode and the story of bringing on Lefty Kreh.

Top Flies for Fly Fishing the Hiwassee River
Parachute Adams
The Stimulator
Any Wet Fly

Fly Tips for Fly Fishing the Hiwassee River
Skittering a dry fly is good for caddis
Make sure the Rod Tip Follows the fly
May is the greatest month for fishing in the world

You can find Wanda at Wanda Taylor Fly Fishing

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Dories in the Grand Canyon

Jake Jordan on sale fish

How to Tie a Parachute Adams

Conclusion with Wanda Taylor

Wanda Taylor is here to break down some dry fly tips with a focus on fly fishing the Hywassee River.  She also breaks down some of her trips fishing for marlin and other huge game fish.

Show Notes: