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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

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Tom Rowland shares the story of how the Saltwater Experience came to be and how he created Waypoint and produces a network with over 80 outdoor programs on TV and in Podcasting.

Tom also shares some background on his exercise routine and why the deck of cards is the tool that has had the most impact on his physical fitness in recent years.  Tom is a leader and a guy who brings the good stuff today on the podcast.

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The Saltwater Experience Show Notes with Tom Rowland

- Tom went to Western Rivers Guide School hosted by Joe Bressler, son of Vern Bressler and the Jackson Hole Orvis story.

- Lori Ann Murphy, Pete Erickson and many others went through the Jackson Hole guide school along with Tom.  Pete was on the podcast and talked about Euro Nymphing.

- The Saltwater Experience TV show has been running for 20 years now and is the backbone of a lot of what Tom has put together with his outdoor media network.

- We talked about how Waypoint TV came to be and now has over 80 shows.

- Samsun Plus TV is one of the best outlets for Waypoint TV.

- I noted the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast is my other podcast

- Fly Rod Chronicles, Silver Kings, and Captains Collective are two fly fishing shows part of Waypoint.

- Flip Pallot was on the podcast in episode 70 and had Walkers Cay Chronicles which is one of the greatest fishing shows ever.

- Tom went to the ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid and won the great game.

- We talked about Mark the Shark and why it was one of the most viewed podcast for Tom over the years.

- The guitarist for Iron Maiden was one of Tom's hardest podcasts ever.  He only had 10 minutes with his guest.

- Jay Abraham and Steve Sims were two of my biggest guests on the Outdoors Online Podcast.

- Del Brown created the merkin that created the sport for Permit.

- Tom put together two series on his podcast that covered Permit.

You can find Tom at the Tom Rowland Podcast here.

Conclusion with Tom Rowland

Tom Rowland shares the story of how he created the Saltwater Experience and Waypoint TV, one of the great fishing and hunting networks online.  We also hear about some of Tom's influences over the year in fishing.

Show Notes: