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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 23, 2021

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Peter Vandergrift from Cheeky Fishing is here to walk through the top tips on finding the right fly fishing reel for your setup.  We hear about the 4 reel models in the Cheeky lineup and what you need for your species of choice.

We hear about an amazing steelhead that Peter landed on the Skagit and the tear that it brought to Dave McCoy's eye.  This after they forgot their food and water for the day and only had an 18 pack of beer.  This episode

Show Notes with Peter Vandergrift

- Camille Egdorf was at the first lodge Peter worked at on his first trip to Alaska.  Peter shares a great Alaska adventure with his parent's car as a 16 year old.

- Diane Bristol was a huge influence on Peter’s career in fly fishing.  Diane has been doing marketing at Simms for many years.

- IndyFly is Oliver White's nonprofit and a program that Peter worked on in the past.

- I noted the Joe Goodspeed episode 193 with Thomas and Thomas Rod Designs.  Joe shared the process and stories behind the T&T rods.

- The Preload 350 is the perfect beginner setup for trout fishing

- The difference between the PreLoad, Tyro which comes with two spools.

- The Cheeky Reel Selector

- Schoolie tournament

- Dave McCoy was on the podcast and Tom Larimer was on the podcast here.

You can find Peter at

Cheeky Fly Fishing Reel Conclusion with Peter Vandergrift

We get the story behind Cheeky and some tips on choosing a high-quality fly fishing reel with Peter Vandergrift.  One of the best stories here is where Peter describes his first Skagit River steelhead and the tears of joy brought to Dave McCoy from this trip.

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