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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 22, 2021

Show Notes:

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Joe Monaghan is here to share the Anglers Coffee story and why after retiring he is going back in business as one of the best coffee for fly fisherman.  Anglers Coffee is also my favorite coffee and a sponsor for this podcast.

We find out how Joe built his first up to a 150 million company, retired, and now started Anglers Coffee.  He found himself working with the best coffee roasting companies in the world and making a great life around coffee.  I'm Jealous Joe!

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Anglers Show Notes with Joe Monaghan

- Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf along with Starbucks were small companies when Joe got started in coffee. Wet Whisker became Seattle's Best Coffee.

- Starbucks on How I Built this Podcast

- La Marzocco is the $150 million company that Joe sold.

- The Aero Press is a good tool you can use to drink coffee on the go.  The make the Aero Press Travel

- Tim McCormick is a great roaster who roasts Anglers Coffee and worked for Starbucks.

- We talk about the cost of Anglers Coffee and why it costs a little more than your average coffee.  Joe explains why this is and what you get from your coffee.

- Gaula River was a recommended spot for Atlantic Salmon

- We Talked about Justin Aldrich and the power of the fly fishing community to support all.

- Early Riser or Black Rifle are two other outdoor targeting coffee companies.

You can find Joe at Anglers Coffee.

Anglers Coffee Conclusion with Joe Monaghan

We find out why Anglers Coffee founder, Joe Monaghan started a coffee company focused on the fishing community after retiring from a $150 million company that he started and grew over 40 years.

Show Notes: