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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 27, 2021

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Charly from Jurassic Lake Lodge shares the full story today how it came to be and what you can do to put together a great trip to Argentina.  Charly has put in a ton of work improving the infrastructure so this trip is more doable than ever.

Jurassic, know locally as Lake Strobel, produces some of the largest rainbows in the Stillwater world.  Charly shares the background on the old camp that was the destination before upgrading to a lodge.

Jurassic Lake Show Notes with Charly

- Charly worked at Untamed Angler before going for going all in on building up the Jurassic lake lodge.

- I noted Dennis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places who has been down south.

- I noted the George Cook Podcast episode 179 where he covered lake fishing from the bank.

- The Justin Spence was on the podcast in episode 57 here.  Justin also covered Argentina and some DIY tips.

- Alberto Rodriguez was the owner and the person who brought steelhead from the Santa Cruz River.  Here's a Fly Fisherman article that talks about Jurassic.

- We note christer Sjöberg from Loop and the first exploratory trip to Strobel lake.

- The F3T and the Taiman video in Russia

You can find Charly at

Jurassic Lake Conclusion with Charly

Charly is here to break down the steps to putting together a major trip to Patagonia and Lake Strobel, one of the great destinations in the world with huge rainbow trout.  We find out how Rodriguez first brought steelhead in from California and the Santa Cruz River.

Show Notes: