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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 11, 2021

Show Notes:

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I sat down with Tom Jarman and a special guest host this week on the podcast to cover Euro Nymphing leader, tips, and techniques.  Tom shares a perspective from Australia and how his Euro nymphing style differs that other parts of the world.

We find out what the 4 main techniques for euro nymphing are that Tom focuses on as we talk about fishing the Metolius River.  We also get an insight into how Tom prepares for his competition fishing tournaments.

Show Notes with Tom Jarman

- The Metolius and fish in the back eddy

- I noted Tom's youtube channel with instructional leader setups for euro nymphing.

- You can find Tom on Instagram @JarmanFishing here

- Jeff Perin was on the podcast in episode 103 and talked about the Loch style fishing. 

- The blank chartreuse and black woolly bugger

-The devin olsen podcast

- Bruce Chard was on here on Tarpon

Conclusion with Tom Jarman

Tom Jarman shares the 4 strategies for euro nymphing and why he thinks lake fishing is going to continue to grow in popularity.   We find out what loch style fishing is all about and why it's a buzzword.

Show Notes: