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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 18, 2021

Show Notes:

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Amy Hazel is here to break down the Deschutes Angler fly shop and what you need to do now to prepare for your next trout fishing trip.  Amy shares some great tips for the salmon fly hatch and general trout in May, June and July.

We find out how Amy traveled the world fly fishing before landing on the Deschutes River and connecting with John Hazel.  Now Amy is heading up a great blog and resource for anglers who want to dig into the Deschtues River.

Deschutes Angler Show Notes with Amy Hazel

- Amy is setting up hosted trips with Heather Hodson from United Women on the Fly.  

- I noted the live clubhouse app and our live podcast episodes.

- Chicks with Sticks School is the good stuff Amy has going in their classes.

- George Cook talked about the history of NW spey on episode 131 here.

- The Deschutes Angler Fishing Report Blog

- The green drake adults by Mike Lawson.  Mike was on the podcast here and covered Green Drake hatch.

- Rick Hafele was on the podcast in episode 37 and covered basic entomology.

- Tom Jarman was on the podcast to cover Euro Nymphing.

- The 16/20 knot for euro nymphing

- The non twist knot to keep your salmon fly floating freely and regularly.

- The Blue Euro fly and others can be found on the fly page and at MFC.

- The Clark's Stone Fly is a killer pattern later in the season.

- Dave McNeese was on the podcast in episode 155.

You can find Amy at

Whitehorse a view from above

Deschutes Angler Conclusion with Amy Hazel

Amy Hazel is on the podcast today to break down the keys to trout fishing with a focus on May, June and July.  Salmon Flies, golden stones, yellow sallies and other bugs are all broken down today.

We focus on Ethan and what he can do being new to the hatch and the Deschutes.  We also find out why the blue euro nymph is so effective on the river.  We walk through the steps even if you are brand new to the river.

Show Notes: