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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 22, 2018

Show Notes:

Gene Hering shares some history in fly fishing from his experience producing fishing videos over the last 35 plus years.  He talks about how he got into it all with broadcast news and how that evolved into his personal brand.

He has produced videos for some of the biggest names in fly fishing including over 40 steelhead videos.


Show Notes with Gene Hering

- Pacific Outdoors Show was one of Gene's first program he worked on that was more focused on all of the outdoor issues.

- Fishing The West was a popular fishing show that Gene filmed back in the day

- The Fly Fishing TV show began its run on national cable TV

- Gene produced some of the Frank Amato videos

- Secrets of Steelhead with  Jim Teeny was one that still sells copies to this day

- The Matt Klara episode on trout spey

- You can see Fly Fish TV past episodes on Youtube

- The Oregon Fishing Club is a resource Gene still uses for fishing access

- Jim Conway was one of the big outdoor personalities that influenced Gene

- Grant McComie was a local video producer

- Gary Lofontaine was a big influence for Gene in some of his fly fishing background


You can reach Gene at if you have any questions or want to grab some videos.


I wanted to give Gene a big thank you for coming on the show and sharing his experience in the fly fishing industry.  For me, I appreciate the people who paved the way as I produce some fishing videos as well.

If you enjoyed this video please leave a review on itunes by clicking here to see how to do it.  This gives me the support I need to keep going strong with the show.