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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 20, 2021

Henry Hughes, Professor and fly fishing writer shares his favorite writers and books on Fly Fishing.  Henry made his way out west from New York and has since become the deputy editor of the Fly Fishing and Tying Journal.

Henry describes his connection with his students as a college professor and how he produces his content through writing.  He notes McGuane and other highly influential writers to his life and career. 


Show Notes - Books on Fly Fishing

- I presented to the Art Flick Trout Unlimited Chapter.  

- The John Gierach episode #47 was one of the best of all time and a huge episode for me at the time and to this day.

- Nick Lyons was on the podcast in episode 202 and talked about his life's work with Lyons Press and the many great books he published.

- Fire and the Straw by Nick Lyons

- Back Seat with Fish will be out with skyhorse publishing and is Henry's book on traveling and fishing.

- Tom Rosenbauer, and other greats

- The Art of Angling:  Poems about Fishing

- Anglers Journal with Gary Reich was on the podcast

- Tail Magazine has an online mag

You can find Henry

Conclusion - Books on Fly Fishing with Henry Hughes

Henry Hughes is on the podcast to talk about his favorite books on fly fishing and how he balances a life in teaching and writing.  We also hear some of the great editors that Henry respects.