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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 17, 2021

Show Notes:

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Todd Hirano breaks down dry line summer steelhead fly fishing today with a step x step on Todd's home water in the upper Willamette River.  We find out when and where to fish dry flies for steelhead and a bunch of tips that'll help you swing one up this year.

Todd shares some tips on what todo on the comeback when a fish has hit your fly but not taken it fully.  This one is loaded with tips from one of the best anglers focused on skating dries for steelhead.

Show Notes with Todd Hirano

- Steve on spey pages:  upstate on the fly on spey pages and the Upstate on the Fly podcast.

- The Beulah arrow head spey line has been a staple in the longer scandi head.  The Gale Force lines are also great to go with.

- I noted the John Shewey podcast episode #16

- The formula for the leader can be found at this article on surface steelhead tips

- We noted Jeff Hickman at Fish the Swing and and the little wang fly naming.

- The bi visi bomber fly is a variation of the Bomber.

- Garoutte hitch which helps to keep the leader come out through the bottom of the hook.

- Richard Harrington's River Rambler Podcast

- Mike Stangeland

- Little Wang step x step and Surface Tips was in Swing the Fly Magazine

- Spey Pages Forum

- Steve Godshall is a legend in the custom rod game and is Todd's newest tool.

- Bruce Kruk has been a good spey casting teacher for Todd.  Bruce was on the podcast here.  Derek Brown's spey casting video along with Dec Hogans dvd.

- We talked about the OP Barbless Podcast

You can find Todd at or on Instagram.  Todd is happy to talk if you send him a dm.

Dry Line Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing Conclusion with Todd Hirano

Todd Hirano is on the podcast to share his biggest dry line summer steelhead fly fishing tips with a focus on the upper Willamette River.  We find out why Todd loves a broadside presentation with a slower and softer run.

We find out how the Little Wang fly was developed and why Todd loves a bi-visible fly to help aid in strike detection.

Show Notes: