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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 16, 2021

Show Notes:


James McBeath from Jackson Kayak is here to share the story of Jackson and how to choose a kayak for fly fishing and your next big adventure.  Jackson has been a leader in the kayak space for many years and has a number of custom models designs for anglers.

James walks us through the best kayaks for the ocean and for the lake.  We dig into the best boat for bass and the best boat for trout.  James sheds light on the best kayak for standing and fishing vs the best for gear storage.  This is your kayak fishing 101 podcast so let's get into it.  

Choosing a Kayak for Fly Fishing Show Notes

- The Drift Boat podcast with Roger Fletcher here.

- Find a Dealer app on the Jackson site will help you find a good local resource for going deeper before purchasing.

- The YuPIK and the Liska are both good for stability.  The Liska is great for small lakes.  The YuPIK has more storage capacity.

- The staxx kayak is great for standing and for the kids.

- James noted his NRS dry bags.  Jim Macallister from NRS was on the podcast in episode 218.

- YakAttack is one of the great accessory companies for kayaks.

- Tight Line anchors is super lightweight and a great anchor for kayaks.  The YakAttack anchor trolly is also a good feature.

- The sportsman pilot trolling motor

- The Traverse has a gear track and can run whitewater.  Here's a video that walks you through it.

- The Coosa HD is more maneuverable and has more cover.

- The cousa FD is the pedal drive boat that's good for off shore.

- The NRS episode 218 with Jim MacAllister.  We hear the story of Bill Parks and the amazing company that NRS has become.

- Pike Strike lodge and pike

- Serial is the podcast James has listed high in his queue

You can find James at 


Conclusion with James McBeath

James McBeath brings the good stuff today as he shares the best boats and accessories when choosing your next kayak.  Jackson has a number of specialized boat that will meet your fishing needs whether in shore or off or rivers or stillwater.

Show Notes: