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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 21, 2021

Show Notes:


Javier Guevara walks us through the steps to fly fishing Ecuador on the podcast.  We find out about the very doable Ecuador trip and a little on the Galapagos.



[6:15] The best time to fish for Arapaima in the Galápagos

[7:10] How to get to the Amazon Jungle

[9:20] How to hunt Arapaima

[11:33] How big can an Arapaima get and what are they like 

[14:20] The predators that hunt Arapaimas

- Caymans

[16:53] What gears to use to catch Paimas

- Loop cross w fly rod 12 weight

- Loop Opti reels

- Scientific Anglers fly line - big water

[18:22] The types of fly that works great

[21:40] Who are the guides and what are their roles

[23:04] Greg was on the podcast to share his Ecuador experience

[28:03] Comparing Marlin and Arapaima in terms of strength

[32:03] Another amazing fish that you can catch in the lagoons 

[37:03] What the weather's like in the jungle and how do you stay comfortable out there

[46:01] How deforestation and industrialization affects the fishing lagoons, jungle species, and communities in Ecuador 

[47:47] What Javier recommends for people who want to help conserve the Amazon Jungle

[48:55] How safe it is to travel to the Galápagos in terms of the Covid-19 situation

[59:06] What Javier and the EFFT is excited about


Show Notes: