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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Sep 23, 2021

Show Notes:

Sponsor: Stonefly Nets:

Scott Wilday from LidRig shares his perspective on some of the must have fly fishing accessories you need for your next trip to the water.  LidRig is one of the best nippers on the market and has an interesting feature that should attract you to their stuff.

Accessibility of the nippers is the big selling feature plus LIdRig has a number of new products including a magnetic wrist band for the goods.    We also dig into the top fly fishing accessories that you’ll need on a trip. 

Show Notes with LidRig

- I used the Loon nippers which look similar to the LidRig.

- Scott made a connection with Fishpond and Orvis, both big companies that helped him elevate LidRig during the early days.

- Umpqua Steamboat 1200 Sling

- Ninja leader system 

- River Rat raft is Scott's goto boat currently

- Trxstle makes a killer rod vault.  Scott tells the story of his jeep getting stolen with the rod vault.

31:10 - The fly fishing insider and fish pond with LIdRig

- Outdoor Canada Magazine put together an article on LidRig.  Take a look at the online article here.

- The Mag Wrap is another new product for lid rig

You can find Scott at

Fly Fishing Accessories Conclusion with Scott Wilday

Scott Wilday from LidRig is here to shares the story of how he has been able to go full time into LidRig.  I describe how the LidRig magnetic clippers has become more intuitive and accessible.  We find out how Fishpond and Orvis helped Scott get a head start on his brand.

Show Notes: