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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

Show Notes:

David Brands from Coast Portland is on the podcast to share how he created one of the first LED Headlamps and led the way in knife technology.

Coast Portland has continuously evolved and become a solution to a problem. For 102 years, the company has been passed on from generation to generation, starting from David's grandfather who created their first product in the early 1900s. Now Coastal Portland is still at the top of the multitool brands and plans on another generation of innovation and solutions.

Show Notes with David Brands

Visit to check out the variety of knives for a variety of uses

In a previous survey, it says that 95% of all the multitool sold in the US come from Portland Oregon

Coast Portland developed a small folding knife with an LED light and sold 250,000 pieces in 1 year

Coast Portland designed the first LED flashlight in the late 90s and which was also the first-ever LED flashlight sold in the US

The company patented optics for LED light in the mid-2000s which was also one of their biggest technological breakthroughs

The G20 Inspection Beam Penlight is one of the most popular Coastal flashlights

Perk Perkins, former CEO of Orvis was on the podcast at WFS 225

Coast Portland brought back the Coast Cutlery knife for their 100th anniversary

49:25 Within the next few months, Coastal Portland will launch some exciting new LED lighting products geared more specifically towards the outdoor user

50:50 Coastal Portland plans on another 102 years for the 4th generation


You can find David Brands at


Coast Knives Videos Noted in the Show
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Quotes from David Brands: 

"If there's something that you can identify that you think you could do better or build something that did something better - go for it"

"In this day of age, it's easier than ever to develop a product and sell it because of the internet where 20 years ago, you were at the mercy of big companies like Walmart, Cabelas, you name it. But now, if you have a good idea and you can build it, you can market it yourself."

"Find a solution to a problem that needs a solution and develop a product to do it better"David Brands was on the podcast and shared the Coast Knives story and family background of creating the longest-running knife company in the fishing space.

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Show Notes: