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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Show Notes:


Phil Monahan, the editor of the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog and the man who keeps the content flowing is here to give us an Orvis Fishing Summary that's not quite what you'd expect.  This podcast includes Phil's background before Orvis, some of the challenges to running a massive daily blog a little on Yellowstone.

We find out why Phil's criteria for becoming the editor of the Orvis blog was that he would not be a salesman.  10,623 blog posts have been published on the Orvis Blog.  Let me say that again, ten thousand six hundred and twenty-three blogs posts.

Click the play button to listen to the full podcast or scroll to the bottom to read the full transcript from this podcast!

Show Notes with Phil Monahan

- Perk Perkins (past CEO of Orvis) was on the podcast in episode 225 here.  Tom Rosenbauer was on the show back in episode #63 here.

- Fly Rod and Reel and American Angler are both gone from the print magazine arena as magazines continue to be challenged by online influence.

- My steelhead article on swinging vs. Nymphing flies that was submitted to Phil in 2015 was published soon there after.

- E-log or the Orvis endorsed lodges and guides through their travel section.

- Fly Fisherman magazine and examples like Pat Dorsey and others are still great resources.

- I noted John Gierach who was on the podcast in episode 47 here.  Gierach is one of the great fly fishing writers of our time.  Phil noted Bill Tapley at American Angler who was one of the best of his time.

- Simon Perkins guided at Pro Outfitters in Montana for 8 years.

- Phil notes that Patagonia who is the gold standard for companies who focus on conservation.

- We noted the 50/50 on the water and the Bristol Bay topics

- Brown Folks Fishing is another great group helping to promote fishing!

- Trout unlimmitted on the Keep Em Wet Movement

You can find Phil at

Orvis Fly Fishing Blog Conclusion with Phil Monahan

Phil Monahan walks us through some behind the seens in running and editing the Orvis Fly Fishing Blog, a daily fly fishing blog with over 10,500 blog posts!

What's your connection with Orvis?  Have you ever owned an Orvis product or used their resources? 

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