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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 18, 2021

Show Notes:

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Robert Gillingham is on the podcast to share the Karmik story and how you can easily find your lost fishing equipment if that situation arises.  Robert prepares us for your next river trip to help you feel a little more secure when heading on the water.

Lost Fishing Equipment Show Notes with Robert Gillingham

- Derek at Sawyer connected me with Robert.  Here's the Sawyer Podcast episode.

- BoonDockers Welcome is a great resource if your are heading out on the road and doing the extended vacation thing.

- Harry Mack a Freestyle rapper is blowin up on youtube. 

- The Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast is the other podcast Dave Hosts along with the Wet Fly Swing.

- Dave Jackson was on the podcast and covered the steps to getting going on your podcast.

- Robert notes his 5 top podcasts here.

- The Phil Monohan Podcast

Use the Coupon Code:  WFS25 to get 25% off your next order at

You can find Robert at

KW Conclusion with my guest

Robert Gillingham is on the podcast to share a great resource to get your lost fishing equipment back within 24 hours.  Robert is the founder of Karmik Outdoors and has an amazing solution to help you out for $10.

Have you every lost a piece of outdoor gear?  Did you get it back?  Leave a comment below or send a DM on Instagram.

Show Notes: