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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 21, 2021

Show Notes:

Tim Landwehr from Tight Lines Fly Fishing is on the podcast to break down their innovative way to focus on surface smallmouth. We find out how the smallmouth bass evolved into one of the destination fisheries and how to site fish for them with subtle bugs.

We also find out how the Tight Lines crew site fishes with Damsel flies and wigglers, aka - a bastardized Chernobyl ant.  Click below and listen to some dragon fly tips and when smallmouth become very aware of dragons and the wiggly fly.

Show Notes with Tim Landwehr

- Larry Dalhberg, Dave Whitlock, and Harry Murray were all early fly fisherman who were doing the bass game at a different level.  

- The Midwest Fly Fishing Show was the first time that Tim first started talking about guiding for smallmouth fishing.  Many people thought he was crazy at the time.

- On the Fly Ky on instagram asked about targeting large fish during the winter.

- The damsel fly for bass is huge along with a few other key bugs.  Flymen fishing talks about some of it here.

Jack Allen was a well known large mouth bass guy in the everglades.  Jack is the "King of Pop".

- The neuvo spider is one of jack Allen's patterns.

- Kyle at Black Earth angling guides on the Wisconsin River

- The MeatEater Podcast was noted here.  Tim was on the Bent Meateater podcast.

- The Popper Dropper.  Montana Fly Company has pates dropper dragon, old mr wiggles.  The dragon dropper is easy to cast.

- Hank and the hopper dropper dropper hopper

- Charlies Eval Snowflake, or game changer are both great patterns.

- Sawyer podcast and Matt Stockton is a great artist 

- The bent podcast with Tim

You can find Tim at

Conclusion with Tim Landwehr

Tim Landwehr is here to break down site fishing for smallmouth bass with a focus on fly fishing.  Tim shares some amazing and humors stories from some of the biggest old timers in fly fishing.  We find out what do look for when reading the water and why crayfish are so important.

Show Notes: