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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

Show Notes:

Presented By: Fly Fishing Film Tour


Tom Ski is back to talk about what he has going lately with the magazines - travel business, fly fishing, hosted trips, SEO and social stuff. Find out Tom's role in Tail and Strung Magazine - how he makes their content more relevant and interesting. We learn some SEO and social tips that get more traffic to your website and engage more people.

Tom also talks about his setup when he goes hiking or outdoors with leggings and sandals as his preference. This one's a little random and all over the place but I hope you enjoy where it takes us.

Travel Business Show Notes with Tom Ski

03:15 - Tom was on the podcast for the first time in March 2020

05:57 - Each day, Tom engages with about 400 people on social media

07:15 - Tail will host about 20 trips in the next 18 months - places like Belize, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and even Alaska

09:17 - Erlend Vivelid Nilssen was on the podcast at WFS 286 where we talked about fly fishing in Norway

14:11 - Tom has about 400,000 followers that are just fishing and hunting people

12:12 - Tom describes the lodge in Denmark

20:41 - Tom uses a Klymit Maxfield tent

20:53 - KSB 0 Sleeping Bag is the best hiking gear in the market

21:36 - Tom has an Osprey Pack and he recommends this hiking bag

22:38 - My dad created the Max Canyon fly pattern

22:59 - Tom wears sandals when he hikes - Merrell makes awesome hiking sandals

24:35 - Tom used to wear Tavis boots all the time during outdoor trips

24:55 - For stove, he uses a Pocket Rocket

25:15 - He uses a Klymit insulated pad under his sleeping bag

26:18 - For light, Tom uses the Black Diamond headlamp

27:02 - Tom's cameras mean more to him than anything - he's a Nikon camera person

29:00 - Snowbee makes killer jackets - their fly rods are pretty good too - Tom uses the Prestige 1 weight and 8 foot 3 weight

30:28 - What the Chubby fly looks like

30:55 - Tom is wearing Cognito Brand leggings right now, that brown trout design

32:56 - Where Tom is heading this year

34:36 - Tom and I met at the IFTD back in 2019

37:22 - Strung Magazine is an upland, hunting, big game, and freshwater fly fishing magazine

42:14 - GETTR is Donald Trump's app and it's like Twitter

43:27 - Julia McCoy has a great SEO learning program

45:03 - Tom shares some SEO tips

46:49 - Gunning The White Birds of Winter

52:04 - Bob Jacklin is a bucket-list guest

Tom Ski and I talked about what he's been working on with the magazine. We found out about Tom's role in Tail and Strung Magazine. We learned some SEO and social tips that get more traffic and engage more people. We talked about his hiking setup and that killer trout leggings he recommends. We gotta try those for sure!

Show Notes: