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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 26, 2022

Show Notes:

Presented By: Stonefly NetsDette Flies


Phil Montano, owner and inventor of the Fly Trap Holder, tells us the story behind creating some of the most innovative and inexpensive fly fishing gear on the market today.

Phil's goal is to make life easier on the water, doing "actual fishing" rather than just digging through the fly box or doing anything else that just eats up your time while fishing.

Find out how one's frustration can lead to an awesome idea that solves problems for many others out there. 

Fly Trap Holder Show Notes with Phil Montano

03:30 – The Fly Trap started from Phil’s frustration of getting all the fly fishing accessories organized

08:30 – You can have multiple cylinders for different types of flies

10:30 – The Fly Trap uses a no-fail carabiner

12:30 – His product doesn’t eliminate the need for a fly box – the main purpose is to lessen the digging and have everything in front of you

18:50 - We noted Lid Rig - we had Scott Wilday, founder of Lidrig, in episode 250

21:15 - We talk about the Magnifly which also has a magnet for flies - Phil calls them the "on-deck" flies. You can clip this to your hat.

27:30 - There are 2 different cylinders for the Fly Trap. The new one has a 6-rig cylinder

30:15 - Ben Sittig talked about the things you don't need for fly fishing in episode 223 - it's a bit of comedy

31:39 - The biggest win for Phil is the feedback - he loves it when people tell him how his products work great for them

35:10 - I did an unboxing video of the Fly Trap - scroll down to watch that video!

37:15 - Phil is a Graphic Designer by trade - he's been doing it for over 32 years

39:20 - Phil's Top Fly is a Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph - enter your Top Fly here and get a chance to win a box of flies from JH Fly Co

42:30 - One of Phil's favorite documentary films is Dogtown and Z-Boys

43:20 - Henry Winkler was on the podcast recently at WFS 334 

Fly Trap Holder Conclusion with Phil Montano

So there you go. 

I hope this episode inspired you to see problems differently. Problems could lead to a brilliant solution waiting to be discovered. 

I think Phil and his team are doing an amazing job developing products that help a lot of anglers. I know because I've been using his Fly Trap Holder since 2018 and I love it!

Have you tried any of Phil's products? How's your experience? Let us know in the comments.

Show Notes: