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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 2, 2022

Show Notes:

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Tommy Lynch, the fish whisperer and one of the gurus of the streamer game, brings his A-game today.

We discover why the baro above all variables seems to be one of the important things that he looks at - how to read water and where to put your fly. We also find out the difference in technique between fishing in clean and muddy waters.

Ever since Kelly Galloup gave a shout-out to Tommy in episode 52, I've been counting the days to make this episode happen. Now the time has come.

This is definitely going to scratch your itch for technical fly fishing. Lots of tips and tricks here. 

Show Notes with Tommy Lynch

08:10 - Tommy lives between Baldwin and Lexington Michigan in a town called Branch - there are about 100 trout streams within 100 miles of where he lives

09:40 - Steelhead in the Fall is pretty strong where

11:10 - Tommy describes how mousing under a full moon is like

13:00 - We talk about his original fly pattern, the Drunk & Disorderly

20:20 - Tommy talks about the "small water big fly streamers stuff" that he's been doing in the last 6 years

22:00 - Black flies work better on muddy waters and olive work great on clear waters

28:00 - Tommy uses Airflo lines

29:00 - Tommy states that "euro nymphing is a deadly terribly productive way to catch a fish on a fly and a poor way to learn how to fly fish" and he explains why

51:00 - Putting eyes on flies makes the trout want to bite the fly head first

57:15 - Tommy fished with Sex Dungeon a lot - a Kelly Galloup pattern. He used started with Stripped Leeches and Zoo Cougar for articulated flies

1:12:10 - He loves to taper down his leader

1:15:05 - For tippet, he uses 0-X when fishing the drunk

1:16:54 - Tommy is a Sage man through and through

1:29:00 - Tommy talks about how people make it to the black list

1:33:25 - The key to a successful day on the water is.. "bring some faith"

1:37:22 - Tommy describes the difference between a fisherman and an angler

1:44:30 - is where you can get Tommy's flies

Show Notes: