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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 7, 2022

Show Notes:

Presented By: Stonefly NetsBearvault


Steve Moore from Camp n Car is here to show us how to turn your vehicle into a camping machine.

We discover how you can actually turn almost any vehicle into a camper, what the van life world is all about, and how to organize your gear for your next fishing, camping, or outdoor excursion.

From Honda Element to Honda Fit to SUVs and vans to Promasters, CNC build these custom campers and make lovely homes out of them. 

Seems impossible? Listen to this episode to find out how!

Camp n Car Show Notes with Steve Moore

02:20 - In his late 20s, Steve quit his job and bought a Honda Element and converted it to a mobile camper - he drove to Alaska with it and lived out of it for 6 months

04:00 - Someone gave them an idea about selling these campers so he and his partner, Martin Nerbovig decided to do it

05:00 - They specialize in DIY assembly, flat packable camper builds that you can use in a variety of vehicles

07:15 - Steve tells us how a Honda Element turns into a camper

09:30 - They've also got Trunk Bunk that fits perfect for a wide variety of SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks

10:20 - They did a custom kit for a Honda Fit recently

11:55 - They had a custom Dodge Van camper at one of the shows

24:00 - Weight is a concern for vehicles since they have a certain capacity for safety and gas in general so that's why they use plywood for the interior to keep it light

36:30 - Bob Wells is one of those Youtube van life celebrities (CheapRVliving) - Camp n Car works with them

41:45 - You can donate to Bob's nonprofit org - Homes on Wheels Alliance

44:45 - The Facebook marketplace is the best place to find a good deal if you want to purchase used vehicles

49:45 - Steve tells us about the Australian guys he met who turned a van into a solar-powered vehicle

50:45 - Steve shares what's coming up for Camp n Cars - they bought their first 2022 Promaster van to work on. These kits will be available on the market soon.

53:30 - Steve bought a Toyota Tacoma recently for a fairly good price

Show Notes: