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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 22, 2022

Show Notes:

Sponsors: Bearvault, FishHound Expeditions

Jay Scott from Jay Scott Outdoors is on the podcast to walk us through the step x step to getting started with Elk Hunting even if you are brand new to big game hunting. Jay has one of the best hunting podcasts in the country and digs into one of his favorite topics today.

Elk Show Notes with Jay Scott

02:45 - Jay noted Steve Rinella and the Meat Eater Podcast - Jay got into podcasting after he listened to their podcast.  Joe Rogan was the guy that helped get the Meat Eater Podcast going.

14:00 - Jay put together a podcast with Colby with Spinner fall guide service on the Green River.

27:10 - is a great resource to utilize and find out where and which state you should look for opportunities to hunt in.

27:26 - We noted OnX Maps which is a great tool for mapping and hunting.

29:48 - Coues Deer is a major hunt that Jay covers every year.

30:36 - Goulds Turkey Hunt

31:25 - Desert Big Horn Sheep Hunting episodes with Jay Scott.

38:44 - We talked about elk calling and some of the great resources.  You can learn to elk call in a shorter time than you might think.

40:40 - Chris Roe and Roe hunting resources - great for elk behavior and tips on elk calling.

49:45 - Mike Lawson dug into the Green Drake hatch here.

54:00 - We discuss the different rifles for elk and deer and what rifle would be best for your kids.  the 6.5 PRC

1:00:50 - Midwest whitetail and bill winke was one of Jay's mentors and gave him good advice about educating people and informing people and this is what will keep you around for the longterm and not the fly by night type people.

1:06:00 - How to understand a scoring system and how to know how big the animal is from a distance.  Take a look at the Go Hunt article below to learn more.

1:15:30 - Jay loves a spotting scope and noted the 95mm Swarovski 30-70 STX

1:15:40 - Phone scope is a killer tool for taking video on your iPhone or spotting scopes.

1:16:45 - Trekking Poles are helpful especially if you have knee or age issues.

1:18:26 - New down that stays warm when wet plus a good hiking boot.

1:34:20 - The Jay Scott Podcast

Show Notes:

Sponsors: Bear Vault

and FishHound Expeditions