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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 25, 2022

Show Notes:

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Terry Kluke takes us up into Ontario Canada to focus on his home water for musky, pike, bass, and a whole lot of other species.

We talk about what it's like vacationing at Merkel's Camp - located in the center of the Wabigoon/Dinorwic chain of lakes, the top fishing lakes in Ontario.

We also touch on some wilderness adventures hunting for bears, wolves, and whitetails. Plus, a handful of tips for fishing muskies.

Show Notes with Terry Kluke

03:50 - "All bears are excellent to eat" - Terry

04:20 - You can fish for pike and musky all summer long in the Mid West

06:00 - Musky 360 is hosted by Joe Bucher - he's a big musky guy

09:30 - It was 1963 when Terry's grandfather started the camping lodge

11:00 - Ice season ends in May and back again in mid-November

14:30 - They're going to the Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta on February 2023

17:20 - They also have smallmouth in the area. It's all lake fishing where they're located.

25:25 - Terry describes what the lodge looks like and the routine for the trip

26:45 - Terry describes where to find the muskies

29:00 - Tip: For muskies, don't strip too fast

29:45 - Terry casts about 80 feet from the boat

33:30 - We talk about casting a foot-long fly

35:40 - Colin Mckeown from The New Fly Fisher was on the podcast at WFS 084 - Bill Spicer was also here in episode 093

40:00 - Muskies hunt like a wolf pack - they work together

42:10 - You can only keep musky with at least 54 inches in length

43:50 - Terry also fishes for walleye - it's what they base their whole income on

52:55 - The best time to go musky fishing and bear hunting would be the end of August or September

53:54 - Deer hunting doesn't start until October

54:30 - Terry did a lot of elk hunting in Colorado

56:20 - We talk about wolf hunting which is also popular in mid-West

58:20 - There are 18 different species of fish in Wabigoon Lake

1:04:00 - Swick is the best lure for muskies

1:06:30 - Terry's grandfather bought the camp for $5000 in 1962

Show Notes: