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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 28, 2022

Show Notes:

Presented By: Bearvault


Sarah Leichnetz and Grant Breidenbach from Bear Vault are here to share their best tips on staying safe while in the backcountry.

We find out why many parks are now requiring bear canisters as opposed to the old hanging your food up in the trees.

This one has a ton of bear stories that we can learn from. Like I always say, be the guy with an epic backcountry trip and not the guy who has to hike down early because of improper food storage. BearVault keeps adventure going!

Bear Vault Show Notes with Sarah Leichnetz and Grant Breidenbach

05:55 - Bearvault focuses on the backcountry hiker or any kind of outdoorsmen that spends a lot of time in the backcountry

06:00 - Bear cans are now being required and regulated for backcountry hikers in wilderness areas

09:40 - Grant tells us about bear habituation and population in connection to the ecosystem

19:30 - Grant talks about how the bears have already adapted and hanging your food is no longer effective - watch this bear climb up a tree to get a hiker's food

21:25 - Bearvault works with Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail Association.

23:00 - We mentioned Leave No Trace which is an awesome outreach program for bear and wildlife awareness

23:50 - Bearvault recently began working with Yellowstone to Yukon - they create passageways for grizzly bears

26:20 - They also work with the Manager of Colorado Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness - they were able to decrease bear incidents by 98%

28:45 - Grant explains the food storage triangle

34:20 - Matt Shilling from Indifly was on the podcast in episode 342

35:19 - Sarah talks about their 2 new can sizes

41:00 - We talk about that poor bear trying to break into the Bearvault - scroll below to watch that video

47:45 - The BearVault canister has a proprietary blend of polycarbonate

48:50 - We mention the Monster in my Closet video by Patagonia - scroll below to watch that video

51:10 - Bearvault went through the organization called the IGBC, did some tests, and got certified to be bear-resistant before they hit the market

56:24 - Grant talks about their upcoming trip to Patagonia

1:05:55 - "Bearvault keeps adventure going"

Show Notes: