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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 27, 2022

Show Notes:


Adam Cuthriell and Nick Torres are on the podcast today to break down the big Alaska trip we put together last month. We chat about the best memories we had during the trip and some of the tips and advice to get you prepared for that trip of a lifetime to Alaska.

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Show Notes with Nick and Adam

04:30 - Adam had been on the podcast twice in episodes 324 and 346 where we talked most about Alaska trips. Nick was also in episode 304 where we focused on Golden Dorado fishing.

13:45 - We talk about the big mountains that almost look fake because it's too amazing

15:10 - Nick caught a grayling for the first time there. We chatted about the best memories we had during the trip.

19:20 - Tip: Bring layers of clothes. Preferably wool to keep you warm. Be prepared for the weather.

27:55 - Advice from Adam: If anyone out there is thinking of doing this trip, DO IT NOW. They may not be here in a few years and who knows what happens in the future.

28:45 - We mentioned Susitna River Coalition with Margaret Stern in episode 376 where we talked about their fights to protect Alaska.

30:45 - We were fishing Velocity rods at 7 and 8 wt, as well as the Cobalt rods at 8 and 9 wt for cohos. For reels, we used Gurus and Litespeed F. They'll be launching Center Fire reels in a couple of weeks. Visit to check out what they have going. 

Show Notes: