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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

Show Notes:

Presented By: FishHound ExpeditionsYellowstone TetonZoe Angling GroupRange Meal Bars


Joe Jackson a.k.a Sgt. Bassfisher takes us on a wild ride through his journey around fly tying and fly fishing. We talk about how he ties some of these cartoonized flies that almost look like a keychain. We hear about his story of tying for symposiums and connecting with the greatest fly tyers and anglers around the country. Joe also talks about his recovery status after his recent heart attack and how he was able to get on the water again 2 weeks after.

Show Notes with Sgt. Bass Fisher

05:20 - Joe learned much about fly-tying by watching Pat Cohen's fly-tying DVDs. Pat Cohen was on the podcast in episode 107.

06:30 - We noted Pat Cohen's Fugly Packer

07:05 - Joe talks about going to Afghanistan and Iraq for war

08:30 - We mentioned Project Healing Waters which was part of the process that helped Joe climb out of the place he was in.

12:45 - Joe Humphreys was on the podcast in episode 073 

22:00 - Joe uses Partridge hooks

25:30 - Joe tells the story of when he had a heart attack after the show in Edison

34:30 - Joe's got a booth at the symposium

37:00 - He talks about tying Wendigo

38:55 - He did a baby Yoda fly

40:50 - Some of his most popular tied flies were the Kingfisher and the Hummingbird

46:30 - Joe caught a 9.3-pound smallmouth on the Indianapolis River.

51:20 - Joe is the CEO of 501C3 in his area - a nonprofit org that focuses on taking kids to camp and getting them engaged with nature.

55:20 - We chat about mushroom hunting

58:30 - Joe noted Tradd Cotter from

1:00:00 - Joe's got a mini farm in his half-acre home

Show Notes: