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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 22, 2022

Show Notes:

Presented By: Range Meal BarsYellowstone TetonZoe Angling GroupDrifthook


Eric Leininger from Fly Fish Portland takes us into his background as a guide in Alaska and around the West. We find out why Eric loves to fish muskies over steelhead and we break down some of the recommended gear to stay warm while fishing in cold waters. Eric also shares some of the best flies he uses that work like magic for all species. This is a long one but full of great stories and tips.

Show Notes with Eric Leininger

08:50 - Eric tells the story of how he got invited to go to Bulkley Canada for steelhead fishing.

11:45 - Eric started guiding for Goodnews River Lodge in Alaska.

30:00 - Eric built his own custom sink tips and gave some to people that ripped his idea off.

30:25 - Brian Silvey came up with the F.I.S.T. (floating intermediate sink tip) line which is one of the best winter steelhead lines out there. Brian was on the podcast in episode 148.

36:45 - Kevin Feenstra was on the podcast in episode 13.

44:40 - We talk about the Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters.

45:10 - We talk about the Friday Night Flies.

49:25 - Tiger musky vs steelhead, what's the difference?

54:50 - Eric noted the fly called, The Jerk Changer which he described as one of the best flies he used.

58:10 - Mike Schultz and his team is doing great stuff out there. Mike was on the podcast in episode 229.

1:10:00 - Eric recommends the Scientific Anglers' Tropical Tighten line. Also the SA's 30-foot clear intermediate line.

1:21:00 - Eric did a video on cold water feet tips.

1:30:00 - We break down the recommended gear to keep you warm.

1:45:00 - Sauvie Island is a great place to fish for carp.

1:47:00 - Kevin Morlock was on the podcast in episode 102 where we talked about carp fishing in Beaver Island.

Show Notes: