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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 21, 2023

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Curtis Royer from the Northern Lights Lodge is here today to talk about the upcoming Stillwater School on May 2023. We're also joined by the Stillwater Master, Phil Rowley as we break down the steps to join, what to expect, and what to prepare for before you get there. 

What makes this place so special and why should you be excited about it? We dig into it and answer most of the FAQs. So here we go...

Show Notes with Curtis Royer and Phil Rowley

05:45 - Skeed Borkowski was on the podcast in episode 397.

08:45 - Their program starts mid-May. They have an upcoming Stillwater School this May 2023. Check out their website to see what they have going.

20:45 - We noted that drone shot video of a Stillwater rainbow chasing a Chernobyl fly which they got on a first take.

28:10 - Curtis breaks down the steps in getting to the lodge from the US.

34:20 - Curtis tells the story of when they caught 48 lake trout in one day.

43:30 - They run their programs almost exclusively with pontoon boats.

49:50 - We talk about the things to remember when encountering a bear out there.

55:30 - Quennell Lake is the deepest freshwater lake in North America.

1:01:00 - Phil mentioned The Cruiser pontoon boat by Outcast.

1:11:00 - Bull trout fishing starts mid-August and goes on till mid-October.

1:12:20 - Curtis tells the story of his most memorable bull trout experience.

Show Notes: