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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 25, 2023

Show Notes: 

Presented by: Mavrk Fly FishingWaters West, Dalton - Country Financial


Gord Pyzer, one of the most well-known researchers and fishermen for musky, is on the podcast today. He takes us into the Lake of the Woods and some of the great species that this place offers.

We get into some big tips on chasing big predators. We get a little background on the seminar program that he does around the country and why he's so sought after. And then discover some of his cutting-edge techniques for fishing.

Musky Show Notes with Gord Pyzer

3:31 - Gord tells how he started fly fishing and working with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

5:07 - He says that Lake of the Woods is probably the largest lake and the best musky fishery in the world.

5:20 - He talks about his interest in writing about fishing.

8:53 - He mentions his good friend Dr. John Casselman who headed their aquatic research section in Ontario.

9:58 - We dig into catching muskies, specifically the figure-eight knot that is perfect for muskie and pike leaders.

13:44 - He further talks about the behavior of muskies.

15:07 - We talk about his significant work and study around muskies.

17:05 - He gives a primer on muskies such as where they are native and transplanted currently.

18:48 - We talk about the issues concerning the musky population such as over-harvesting and invasive species.

22:11 - Anglers have been good at catching fish it appears to be that the fish population has not been plummeting.

27:00 - He shares the number one thing he has learned over the years of fishing.

28:11 - He tells us about his work in Outdoor Canada magazine, the largest outdoor magazine in Canada, and In-Fisherman magazine.

30:58 - Gord has been writing for Outdoor Canada for about 42 years now and the magazine just celebrated its 50th.

32:20 - He shares what he did before writing for Outdoor Canada.

33:44 - He describes the Lake of the Woods which he considers his home water.

38:52 - The lake has 48 major species. He names some of the popular ones such as musky, lake trout, northern pike, walleye, smallmouth, and his favorite which is the yellow perch.

40:03 - We take the discussion back to muskies. He tells the reasons why they are elusive.

42:08 - I ask him about what keeps him busy these days. He just came back from an ultimate ice fishing show seminar in Toronto.

42:48 - He shares an interesting story about the seminar he did at the Toronto Spring Fishing Show.

47:48 - He tells about the similarities between pikes and muskies. They are so closely related that they crossbreed and produce tiger muskies.

50:08 - He does seminars on muskies. He tells us what he usually discusses in these events.

51:59 - He gives helpful tips on catching muskies.

53:58 - He tells the essential baits the musky anglers would need.

54:41 - He mentions their number one producing musky bait.

55:48 - I ask him about the top lures that would be used for muskies.

57:28 - He advises listeners to follow their fly fishing editor at Outdoor Canada, Scott Gardner, who is also probably the top fly fishing muskie and northern pike angler in Canada.

58:21 - We dig into conservation issues affecting the fish population specifically salmon and trout.

1:00:39 - He explains why big fish matter in maintaining and improving the fish population.

1:02:36 - He encourages people to take the time to read articles written by professionals and listen to them. They dedicated their whole lives to producing good fisheries for us.

Show Notes: