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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 31, 2023

Show Notes:

Presented By: FishHound Expeditions

In this episode of Ask a Pro, we catch up with Adam Cuthriell from FishHound Expeditions, a company specializing in wilderness heli and float trips in Alaska. Adam takes us through the ins and outs of mousing for rainbows, one of the most exciting ways to fish for these amazing creatures. We dig into the techniques involved in presenting your mouse fly to make it appear like a real mouse as well as some invaluable tips on the importance of positioning yourself upstream of the fish and the benefits of using articulated mouse patterns to help with fish mortality.

We also explore other fun ways to fish for rainbows including swinging streamers, as well as the rivers that the FishHound crew typically fishes in, such as the Kwethluk and Kuskokwim Rivers. Adam tells us the best fly lines for mousing, and we take note of some of the mouse patterns that they commonly use, such as the Rio Pip Squeak and Mr. Hankey. Join us as we dive deep into the world of mousing for rainbows with Adam from FishHound Expeditions.

Show Notes with Adam Cuthriell

00:40 - We did the first round of Ask a Pro last year at WFS 346 with Adam.

01:20 - Adam tells us what FishHound is all about - heli and float trips throughout Alaska for rainbows, arctic grayling, dolly varden, salmon, and more!

02:40 - We talk about the rivers that they usually fish like the Kwethluk and Kuskokwim Rivers - beautiful rivers!

04:55 - We talk about how mousing for rainbows works and the best times to do them.

09:25 - Adam describes how to present your mouse fly to make it appear like a real mouse panicking and making its way out of the water.

10:55 - We talk about how to cast a big mouse fly.

12:30 - Tip: Position yourself upstream of where the fish is. Adam explains this technique.

13:45 - Adam describes what mousing looks like when you're fishing from a boat.

15:40 - Adam recommends the Outbound Short fly line by Rio.

17:05 - Swinging streamers with a 2-handed rod is also a fun way to fish for rainbows.

18:00 - We noted some mouse patterns that they commonly use like the Rio Pip Squeak and Mr. Hankey. Anything that's articulated is great because it helps with fish mortality.

Show Notes: