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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 21, 2023

Show Notes: 


In this episode, we dive into the exciting world of Olympic Peninsula fly fishing. Join us as we explore the diverse fish species you can encounter in this region, uncover popular tourist spots that offer incredible fishing opportunities, and get an insider's perspective on the renowned Waters West Fly Shop.

We'll also discuss their viral Instagram reel, where they demonstrate the art of casting using the Ahrex Flexistripper. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to delve into the world of fly fishing, this podcast episode is packed with valuable insights and insider tips that you won't want to miss.

Fly Fishing Olympic Peninsula Show Notes with Ed Fuhrken and Kyle McCurdy

1:12 - In episode 337, we welcomed Ed and Kyle on the podcast to discuss about surf perch fly fishing.

4:02 - We talk about their viral Instagram reel where Kyle made a cast using the game-changing Ahrex Flexistripper. The reel has now more than a million views.

8:27 - They give us an update on what keeps them busy in the Olympic Peninsula this time of year. They usually catch sea-run cutthroats in the summer.

14:18 - We dig into the movement of sea-run cutthroats in the OP. The months of September through November are ideal for getting away from the crowds on the river because most people are out looking for salmon in the fall.

17:10 - Ed's pet species are the king salmon and steelhead. In the OP, the same spot where you catch steelheads is the same one where you can catch kings.

20:07 - Kyle's main focus for July and August is beach fishing for sea-run cutthroats as he doesn't need to dedicate an entire day to do this. He can just go beach fishing right after work.

21:14 - Kyle looks forward to September and October as well, especially when it rains in September. According to Kyle, it could be the most incredible fishing experience you've ever had.

22:05 - When fishing for kings, they use a 12ft 9wt spey rod, specifically the Pieroway Renegade by Jerry French and Skagit lines.

24:31 - They give some tips on coho fishing. Typically, it's stripping streamers and sink tips.

25:40 - Right around Thanksgiving, that's when they start fishing for steelhead.

28:52 - We talk about lake fishing in the OP.

32:40 - For spring king, which is notoriously challenging to catch on the fly, the rivers in the OP open out around May. After the winter, trout fishing in the spring can be excellent as the water temperature drops.

33:42 - They walk us through the steps when someone comes to their shop in August to fish for cutthroat in the salt. Their go-to flies are Delia's Cohead Squid, Muddler Minnow, and Wounded Sculpin.

36:26 - They recommend bringing a stripping basket or the Ahrex Felxistrip when beach fishing in the OP to keep your line on the water.

37:35 - We go further into casting on the beach.

40:28 - Other species like flounder, pink salmon, black rockfish, and spiny dogfish are mentioned as being caught on the beach.

46:44 - We discuss other tourist attractions in the Olympic Peninsula.

49:19 - I ask about the other species in the OP that are like the surf perch.

50:30 - We dig into the flies they have in the shop. You can find their flies available through their online store.

55:23 - The vise they use are from Renzetti and Regal. We had Lily Renzetti, President of Renzetti Inc., in episode 486 where we talked about the company's humble beginnings.

56:20 - They tell about their friend who is bass-crazy. He has scouted every lake he can get to fish for largemouth bass.

57:29 - For hitting chinooks, it depends on the weather. When the heavy rains start, the salmon and chinooks rush in.

1:03:33 - We talk about the Elwha River.

1:05:26 - Lake Crescent is a special place for them. It is one of Washington's deepest lakes with a maximum depth of 624 feet. It has two endemic fish species, the Crescenti Cutthroat and Beardslee trout.

1:07:12 - Their favorite restaurants in their area are Spruce, Crab Shack, and Barhop.
Show Notes: