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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 28, 2023

Show Notes: 

Presented by: Stonefly Nets, Yellowstone Teton Territory, Daiichi


Get ready for some dry fly tips for the Farmington River as we dive into our latest podcast episode with Antoine Bissieux. In this episode, we'll be focusing on dry fly fishing. But that's not all! We'll also talk about the top rivers to fish in Connecticut, a hidden gem for fly fishing enthusiasts. Antoine will also share some gear recommendations to enhance your dry fly fishing experience.

So kick back, grab your favorite beverage, and get ready for a laidback and informative conversation that will have you itching to hit the water with your dry flies at the ready!

Farmington River Show Notes with Antoine Bissieux

1:34 - Antoine gives us an update since he guested on our podcast in episode 424. He talks about that time when he spent two weeks in the Farmington River with his old friend, Yannick Riviere, and some other anglers. When they were there, a tremendous storm came in.

8:20 - His season comes to an end after Christmas. He doesn't start fishing until mid-March. It varies from year to year depending on the weather. In his spare time, he usually ties flies and creates watches, which he finds relaxing.

11:07 - Antoine teaches us about Connecticut's best rivers. The Housatonic River is a beautiful river that offers excellent fishing in the fall and spring. Summer pike and bass fishing in Housatonic are fantastic. It's double the size of the Farmington. The Farmington is Connecticut's most well-known river. Click here for a list of the top 15 fly fishing locations in Connecticut.

15:14 - He explains why Farmington is the number one river to visit in Connecticut. To fish the Farmington, he advises starting from the section between New Hartford and Riverton. He mentions a guidebook to fishing the Farmington by the Farmington River Anglers Association.

20:02 - If you're going to hit dry flies in the Farmington River, the best month would be from the end of May to July. He also mentions the bugs present at this time.

22:53 - His off-season patterns are typically some form of crippled or handicapped bug. He mentions a fly that looks identical to it. A fly created by Yannick that he claims is hard to sink also works well for him.

29:00 - He gives more dry fly tips and tricks. He says that a good fly is nothing else but a good cast.

33:20 - We talk about his leader setup and other gear in detail.

40:44 - Antoine highly recommends Bestard boots for wading.

44:47 - He discusses the Magic CDC, a new CDC on the market that is not yet accessible in the United States.

46:37 - He uses a semi-automatic reel from Peux Fly Fishing, notably the Fulgor 01 which is also available at the Tactical Fly Fisher. He explains the difference between an automatic and semi-automatic reel.

51:40 - I ask him questions from our listeners about the rod and reel combo for fresh and saltwater and streamer fishing.

53:51 - He provides additional useful dry fly fishing tips and tricks. He recounts using a CDC fly called berzilleuse, which Yannick named for himself.

57:05 - He tells the secret of a good dry fly cast.

59:50 - He does fishing sessions with Orvis.
Show Notes: