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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Oct 30, 2023

Show Notes:

Presented By: Angler's Coffee, Smitty's Fly Box, Yellowstone Teton Territory

In today's episode, owner of Fly Fishers Shop and Scientific Angler Ambassador Pat Ehlers takes us to fly fishing largemouth bass. Pat's journey into the realm of fly fishing is a tale that began with childhood wonder and evolved into a lifelong passion.

With a boatload of expertise and a trusty VEXUS, he takes us on a bass-fishing adventure that's as thrilling as it is educational. Plus, he introduces us to his custom-crafted patterns like the Vampire Leech and Grim Reaper. Don't miss out on this episode packed with bass-catching wisdom from a true master of the craft!

Episode Chapters with Pat Ehlers on Fly Fishing Largemouth Bass

02:10 - Pat's journey into fly fishing began as a young kid watching the first American Sportsman show on ABC with Curt Gowdy and Jack Dennis. He later developed a special mentorship with Jack Dennis and opportunities to share his knowledge at national fly fishing shows.

04:00 - Pat started the Fly Fishers Fly Shop in 1988.

08:22 - We talked about the evolution of fishing and fishing equipment over the years. Pat's commitment to finding high-end gear to better serve his customers eventually led him to explore saltwater fishing.

09:20 - Pat's introduction to Rick Murphy came through a connection with Flip Pallot. This meeting proved instrumental in expanding his knowledge of saltwater fishing. Today, Rick Murphy is the host of Sportsman's Adventures.

15:07 - Pat provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse fishing opportunities in their area. The region also boasts some of the best bass lakes within a 20-minute drive. Pat is well-equipped for these expeditions, thanks to his partnership with VEXUS Boats and Mercury Marine's Pro team.

Finding Fish

19:17 - When it comes to targeting largemouth bass, having access to a boat is crucial, as the fish tend to be in deeper waters. Pat owns a 21-foot VEXUS boat, which he finds to be the perfect fit for pursuing largemouth bass in their part of the world.

22:08 - Pat uses reliable electronics for locating fish, like Minn Kota Humminbird. However, he acknowledges that not everyone may have access to such high-tech equipment, and a good lake map can be incredibly useful in finding fish.

24:49 - Pat mentions his collaboration with Scientific Anglers to develop specialized lines, including the Sonar Titan Sink Tip Mini, a five-foot mini sink tip that has proven popular among anglers.

34:00 - Pat says his Vampire Leech is a good pattern to use when dealing with cold water conditions. Pat also mentions the Grim Reaper pattern, inspired by the swim jigs.

45:00 - Pat says it's an excellent time for fly fishing in early September, with the water temperatures still warm and the bass active.

48:00 - Pat also shares an interesting technique involving the popper dropper.

55:00 - Pat describes two of his crayfish fly patterns, the Crazi Craw and the Long Strip Crayfish.

56:00 - Pat emphasizes that the choice of rod size depends on the type of flies being used and the size of the fish one anticipates encountering.

1:01:24 - Pat shares a casting technique he developed, resembling an underhand cast, which allows for accurate placement of the fly even in challenging locations.

Show Notes: