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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jan 26, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By:  FishHound Expeditions

 Today, Adam Cuthriell from Fishhound Expeditions takes us on an Alaska fishing adventure. Adam shares three of his favorite tips on planning an Alaskan adventure and having a great time on the water. Plus, we find out which city in Alaska elected a cat as their mayor!

Tune in and find out what you need to prepare your cast, get the right fly patterns, and where to go for the best intel on Alaska. And find out about the Alaska Podcast series we're kicking off with Adam.

Show Notes with Adam Cuthriell on Alaska Fishing Adventure. 

02:50 - We hear about how 2023 went for Adam and his crew at FishHound Expeditions. Will is getting ready to go travel in Southeast Asia for six weeks and Cam was back down in Honduras again. We had Will on the podcast in Episode 401 and Cam in Episode 447.

06:39 - Adam shares insights into the wealth of road-accessible fisheries just north of Anchorage, particularly focusing on Willow Creek.

Contrary to the common notion of needing a plane or helicopter in Alaska, he highlights the phenomenal fishing opportunities along the Parks Highway Systems.

12:40 - Adam discusses the importance of being mindful of bugs and bears while outdoors. He recommends using bug spray and a head net for bugs, having bear spray or a firearm, and being loud to deter bears.

14:50 - Adams walks us through the best times to fish Alaska depending on your target species.

20:47 - We talk about the town of Talkeetna, located about 35 to 40 minutes north of Willow. Notably, Talkeetna has a unique and whimsical aspect, as they recently elected their second cat mayor.

Exploring Destinations Beyond Alaska

25:30 - Adam shares his ventures beyond Alaska, particularly his expeditions to the islands of Honduras with Cam. He highlights the incredible fly fishing opportunities there, including bonefish, permits, triggers, and even the thrill of catching tuna on the fly.

30:00 - Adam talks about the importance of supporting companies started by guides and anglers, as they offer a more authentic and knowledgeable experience compared to tourism companies.

32:00 - Adam talks about their successful fishing trips in Kodiak last year, where they had unusually sunny weather and high numbers of steelhead.

Tips and Tricks for Alaskan Fishing

35:50 - Adam provides three valuable tips for individuals planning a fly fishing trip to Alaska:

Practice throwing weight when fly casting.
Learn to tie Alaskan flies,
Reach out to local fly shops or guide services for advice.

Show Notes: