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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jan 31, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By: TroutRoutes, Togens Fly Shop


Growing up with a fishing rod in my hand and the sprawling lakes of Kamloops, BC, as my backyard, I know the serene joy of fly fishing runs deep. Stanton, an old friend and seasoned angler, joins us to share his journey from humble beginnings to the evolution of his craft amidst the myriad challenges and triumphs of fly fishing. We wade through the currents of time, recounting the days of learning the ropes with simple gear and the familial bonds that are intertwined with the pull of the line and the dance of the fly. Stanton's narrative is a blend of personal reflection and a wider lens on the sport's progress, discussing how techniques like chironomid fishing took root and flourished in our local waters, thanks to innovators like his brother Patrick.

As our lines cast further into the conversation, Stanton opens up about his hiatus from angling following his daughter's birth—a relatable pause for any parent—and his subsequent reeling back into the competitive sphere. Our chat navigates the shifts in fish populations, the integration of new fishing strategies, and Stanton's aspirations of representing Canada in national competitions. With a nod to the mark left by mentors such as Brian Chan and Phil Rowley, we recognize the intricate tapestry of competitive fishing, its history, and the fresh wave of talent setting their sights on the legacy of the sport.

Tying it all together, Stanton brings us shore-side to discuss the vibrant world of fishing lakes and the lure of saltwater challenges. He skillfully guides us through the art of fly tying, revealing innovative techniques that give anglers the edge across seasons. From family roots to the professional crossovers between his classical guitar career and angling pursuits, Stanton's tapestry of passions is a reminder of the joy found in sharing our deepest interests with the community, be it through music, podcasting, or the timeless tradition of fly fishing.

Episode Chapters

(0:00:05) - Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Memories
Nature's influence on Stanton's fly fishing roots in Kamloops, BC, including childhood memories, fishing techniques, and changes in the sport over time.

(0:11:49) - Fish Population Changes and Fly Fishing
Nature's changes in fish sizes, family life, competition fishing, social media, and family dynamics are discussed in this chapter.

(0:16:27) - Parenting Challenges and Fly Fishing History
Parenting challenges, competitive fishing, influential mentors, history of stocking lakes, evolution of fly patterns, passion, and commitment of angling legends.

(0:20:00) - Fly Fishing Competitions and Patterns
Notable figures, fly fishing innovations, competitive events, international challenges, and potential guest involvement in podcasts.

(0:34:22) - Fishing
Nature's excitement of fly fishing for coho and chinook salmon in British Columbia, differences in techniques and locations, and the anticipation for prime fishing season in lakes.

(0:46:07) - Fly Tying, Togens Fly Shop, and Fishing Reflections
Product development, sponsorships, podcasting, and fly tying are discussed, highlighting freedom, support, and simplicity in the fishing industry.

(0:55:25) - Fishing Lakes
Nature's fly-tying techniques for effective Chironomids, scuds, and Mayfly nymphs in specific lakes from April to July.

(1:04:27) - Salt Water Fishing, Classical Guitar Playing
Nature's saltwater fly fishing for striped bass and bluefish around Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, and a conversation with classical guitar teacher Stanton.

Show Notes: