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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 29, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By:  Smitty's Fly Box

Do you want to level up your fly box without draining your wallet? Today Steve Smith of Smitty’s Fly Box joins us to share his secrets for choosing the right flies without breaking the bank.

Steve shares his top-selling dry flies, nymphs, and stillwater patterns, so you can plan a bit easier for that next trip. This is another big one with Steve!

Show Notes with Steve Smith on Choosing the Right Fly. 

3:44 – RoundRocks is a longstanding family business, with over 30 years of experience in producing quality flies for fly shops and sporting goods stores nationwide.

On the other hand, Smitty’s Fly Box offers a unique monthly subscription service, providing anglers with handpicked assortments of flies and accessories tailored to their fishing locations.

Additionally, they offer beginner and intermediate tying boxes, allowing enthusiasts to learn new patterns and tie their flies with expert guidance. 

5:19 – Steve mentions Coach Knight’s passing a few months ago. The book “A Season on the Brink” by John Feinstein chronicles a season with the Indiana Hoosiers and provides insights into Coach Knight’s coaching style.

Top-Selling Flies 

8:10 – Steve delves into some of the best-selling flies from Round Rocks and Smitty’s Fly Box.

Classic Patterns: Flies like the bead head Prince Nymph are top sellers due to their timeless effectiveness and popularity among anglers.
Own Patterns: Steve mentions their patterns like the Zebra Midge and the Gunslinger, which have become favorites among customers over the years.
Newer Hits: Recent additions like the Chernubby and Perdigon have rapidly climbed the ranks to become top-selling flies, showcasing innovation and adaptability in fly design.
choosing the right fly 

Steve also shares the story behind the creation of the Gunslinger fly pattern. Using materials like pheasant tail, hare’s ear, and crystal flash, Steve explains how he designed the Gunslinger to mimic effective nymphing patterns.

Bringing Flies to Life: The Production Process

15:00 – Steve sheds light on bringing a fly from the design phase to someone’s fly box. This involves refining samples, sourcing materials, and coordinating production in their factory in Thailand.

Initially, the design undergoes refinement and sampling to ensure its tying process is perfected.
The materials are then sourced and sent to a factory in Thailand, where detailed instructions and production plans are laid out.

Samples are made and approved before full production commences.
Once manufactured, the flies are shipped back to Utah, where they are warehoused and distributed to customers.

How Smitty’s Fly Box Tailor Fly Selections for Diverse Fishing Locations

24:00 – Steve outlines how Smitty’s Fly Box refines fly selections for diverse regions, even those he hasn’t personally fished.

Classic patterns generally perform well universally, but the team customizes selections based on customer feedback, research, and regional fishing traits.

Using online resources and insights from customers, they gather data on specific rivers and areas to provide effective flies tailored to each angler’s fishing location.

Steve Smith’s Go-To Flies

Hopper Flies:
Metal Hopper
Dave’s Hopper
Foam Beetle
Dry Flies:
Elk Hair Caddis
Fatal Attractor

How Smitty’s Fly Box Offers High-Quality Flies at Affordable Prices 
Smitty’s Fly Box stands out with its competitive price point of $1.50 per fly, a rarity in the industry where flies often cost more.

This advantage stems from their streamlined family-run business model, using top-notch materials and controlled production processes to ensure quality without compromising affordability.

Show Notes: