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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Apr 29, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By: Yellowstone Teton Territory, FishHound Expeditions, Jackson Hole Fly CompanyTogiak River Lodge

What do you do when your favorite spot is packed with other anglers or when you're navigating crowded rivers all day? Today we uncover expert tips on fly fishing...

Apr 26, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By: Stonefly Nets, Jackson Hole Fly Company, Skwala, Togens Fly Shop


In this episode, we dive into the rich history of the Golden Gate Casting Club with Jim Dawson, the club's resident historian. Discover the revolutionary...

Apr 24, 2024

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Presented By: TroutRoutes, Guide Book, Skwala, FishHound Expeditions 

Are you interested to know how to target one of the craziest hatches that will make national headlines this year?

Today, Dave Zielinski is back on the podcast to give his best tips on fishing the Cicada...

Apr 22, 2024

Show Notes:

Presented By: Northern Rockies AdventuresTroutRoutes, Jackson Hole Fly Company

Try to imagine what a 200-pound shark hooked up on the end of your fly rod and jumping 20 feet out of the water would feel like. Hooking sharks on the fly is what today's guest specializes in.


Apr 19, 2024

Show Notes:

Join us in this episode of In the Bucket where Dano Pendygrasse and Darcy Bacha, renowned snowboarding photographers, dive into the vibrant world of fly fishing through their lenses. Discover how their decades of experience in snowboarding have shaped their approach to capturing...