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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

Show Notes:

We break down the steps to getting started with nymph fishing if you are brand new today on the blog. We also share the top 17 euro nymphing tips from a few of the great comp fly fisherman in the country.

Part I - Basic Nymphing

Chapter 1 - What is Nymph Fishing

Chapter 2 - Nymph fishing history

Chapter 3 - The Nymphs Life Cycle

Chapter 4 - Nymphing Techniques (euro, mono, bobber, tight line)

Chapter 5 - Nymphing Rig, Rod and Gear

Chapter 6 - Tips on Casting a Heavy Nymph

Chapter 7 - Landing a Big Fish

Chapter 8 - best nymphing flies and matching the hatch


Part II - Euro Nymphing

Chapter 9 - What is Euro Nymphing

Chapter 10 - The Euro Nymphing Rig

Chapter 11 - Euro Nymphing Rod

Chapter 12 - Euro Nymphing Flies

Chapter 13 - 15 Euro nymphing tips for trout

Chapter 14 - Resources for Euro Nymphing


This is a quick summary of the top 17 euro nymphing tips from the best anglers in the world of competition fly fishing.

Show Notes: