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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Feb 27, 2020

Show Notes:


I sat down with Denis Isbister who is the host of the TV show Wild Fish Wild Places which has been running for 12 years now.   Denis is a Pyramid Lake expert and breaks down the greatness of Pyramid and the monster Lahontan Cutthroat trout that cruise the lake.


Show Notes with Denis Isbister

(Updated time stamps:

- Kelly Galloup was on the podcast here and talked about the influence of bass on his flies and fishing.

- We talk about Brian from Got Fishing who is our other partner in the giveaway and was on the podcast here.

- You can find the ladder chair at Crosby Lodge.

- The popcorn beettle is the goto pattern on Pyramid Lake.

- Mike Anderson from the Reno Fly Shop is a great resource for Pyramid Lake.

- The Paiute Tribe is the local tribe the manages Pyramid Lake.

- We are going to put up the winner at the Pyramid Lake Lodge.

- Phil Rowley was on the podcast in episode 34 and is the guy behind the booby fly pattern.

- We talk about Monic fly lines and the coating discussion.

- The vampire fish trip was a favorite for Denis but they have some big stuff coming up this year.

- The New FlyFisher youtube channel is a great resources.

- Disturbed is one of Denis' goto metal bands.  Here's a little video.

You can find Denis at Wild Fish Wild Places.

Resources Noted in the Show

The Ladder Chair 

Videos Noted in the Show

The popcorn beettle 

The Booby Fly


Conclusion with Denis Isbister

I had Denis Isbister on to dig into Pyramid Lake and the big giveaway we have going right now.  Denis has been fishing Pyramid for a long time so provides some great tips and insight here.  He's also the host of the TV show Wild Fish Wild Places.

Here's a link to the Pyramid Lake Giveaway: