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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Jul 30, 2020

Show Notes:

Mark Hopley, the Host of the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast is on the podcast to break down his popular show and why he does what he does.  We find out about the Kamloops British Columbia area where Mark is from and why he’s going to podcast till he dies.

Show Notes with the Mark Hopley 

05:00 - Pennask Lake is the resource where some of the big hatchery stocking fish come from.

06:45 - Phil Rowley was on the podcast in episode 34 here and Denny Rickards was on in episode 64 here.  I’m hopeful to get Brian Chan on as well.  

11:18 - Pete Tyjias was on my podcast in episode 134 here and on Mark’s podcast here.

11:55 - Here’s a link to our Facebook Group where you can ask a question for our next guest.

13:30 -  Brian Wise, Jimmy Watts and Phil Rowley are all big episodes for

16:10 - Here's the Lani Waller Episode from the fly fishign 97 podcast.

17:30 - The Silver Hilton Lodge on the Babine is Lani Waller’s great place.

19:30 - The Outdoors Online Online Marketing Podcast has been a great way to network with others.

21:10 - Dave sadden is one of Mark's goto boat companies.

22:50 - I noted the Owyhee River and indicators.

36:45 - Stroud Water Research episode

37:36 - Rick Hafele was on the podcast in episode 37 here and covered entomology and fly fishing.

39:00 - The Scarlet Focus right mixer

41:10 - The Fly Crate is a big sponsor for Mark.

43:08 - Got Fishing and the Yucatan trip was noted here as one of our big hosted trips we have coming up this year.

44:00 - The Helios 3 by Orvis is one of Mark’s great rods

46:40 - Eric Nuzum was on my other podcast here and wrote the book Make Noise.

You can find Mark at the Fly Fishing 97 podcast and Instagram here

Resources Noted in the Show

Lani Waller and some of his DVD’s and/or books.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

Videos and/or podcasts Noted in the Show

Mark Hopley from the Fly Fishing 97 Podcast is on to share some tips and stories from his experience fishing up out of the Kamloops area.  Mark shares some Stillwater tips on getting and staying in the zone more often.

Show Notes: