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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

Show Notes:

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Ethan Igleheart shares the background on how he created a wood trout net business at stonefly nets.  We find out what the process looks like in producing nets and how the burl makes the nets so unique.

We talk about some of the specific nets Ethan makes and some of the custom nets they make.  You'll have a perspective on what goes into making a wood landing net at the end of this episode.

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Show Notes with Ethan Igleheart

- Cold Water Collectibles is a good resource for old rods and gear.

- We talk about the burls and why they make the net so unique

- The Spalted Maple burrow net

- We talk about Tom Morgan Rodsmiths who were on the podcast here and are partnering on a new project with Ethan.

- Nov 20 of 2020 on Instagram.  Has red mixed in with some other killer colors.

- Wet talk about the fish pond rubber netting and the similarities to the Stonefly net.

- I noted the electrode video that can be found on Stonefly Nets Intagram page.

- Dave Whitlock was on the podcast and Davy Wotton was on the podcast here.

You can find Ethan at

Trout Net Conclusion with Ethan Igleheart

We find out the steps to making a wood trout net and how Ethan Igleheart created a successful fly fishing business in the wooden trout net space.  The secret is creating a custom one of a kind fishing net for a premium price.

Ethan has also partnered up with Tom Morgan Rodsmiths who were on this podcast in a past episode.   They have a package deal that comes with a Stonefly Net and custom rod.

Stonefly Nets is also a sponsor for the Podcast so please click below to check out some of the products they have going.

Show Notes:

Sponsor: Stonefly Nets: