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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

May 1, 2018

Show Notes:

I am excited to share the episode interview this week with Dec Hogan.  Dec speaks in public for the first time about what went down when he posted on Social Media telling anyone who listened to not buy his new book.

Dec also shares a few great tips and a perspective from one of our big names and real good guys in the steelhead game.


Show Notes With Dec Hogan

The North Fork of the Stillaguamish River was Dec's first river and the first fly fishing only river in the US.

Alagnak River and Katmai Lodge is how Dec got his start guiding up north.

The Tom Larimer Podcast of the Wet Fly Swing show

A Passion for Steelhead was Dec's first big book.  He tells the story of how it came to be

The Nick Amato connection and some of the articles that were written.

Wild Steelhead and Salmon Magazine by Tom Pero where Dec was a regular contributor and had a column.

24:00 - The Intruder was one of the big changes in steelhead fly evolution.

The Tom Pero Podcast 

The DC Prawn Pattern is one of the goto flies

Dec explains the social media frenzy and why he said:  "Don't buy my book"

Here's the link to the 20 page white paper that Tom Pero and Wild River Press put out about the big controversy with Dec's book Tying Steelhead Flies with Style.

The goto Scotch in the evening after fishing

The Royal Treatment Fly Shop is a shop in Oregon that Dec will be teaching a steelhead class at.

Check out the Fly Tying class at Peninsula Outfitters in Poulsbow WA

The Avid Angler Fly Shop

Echo and Rajeff Sports have a sports calender and might be a place to keep up with Dec on his tour schedule.

The Skagit Mist and Purple Marabou fly patterns

Charlie GearHeart aka steelhead Charlie, Bill McMillan were some of Dec's mentors.


You can connect with Dec on Instagram @dechogan here.


"I'm going to tell you what's wrong with that book, you didn't leave anything for the rest of us to say."

-Scott O'Donnell


The quote above was in reference to what Scott O'Donnell told Dec about his book A Passion for Steelhead when it first came out.  This was probably the best compliment that Dec could have received.

A good half of the show is about Dec's talk on the social media Frenzy around the issues with his book Tying Steelhead Flies with Style being published without his permission.  You can go to this episode 19 with Tom Pero to here the perspective from the publisher.

Dec tells some other good stories and some good tips as well in the episode today.  I hope to have Dec back on at a later point to talk all steelhead as well.


Conclusion with Dec Hogan

Dec gives us a passionate response to the big controversy surrounding the publication of his book Tying Steelhead Flies with Style, a book that he tells everyone to not buy in today's episode.

Although I would have loved to sit down with Dec and just talk steelhead, I think it was important to here Dec tell his side of the story so you understand how it all went down.