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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Aug 7, 2018

Show Notes:

I had the pleasure of interviewing Phil Rowley to discuss stillwater trout fishing. We covered sinking lines, rod length for lakes, how to match the hatch, fly tying and chironomid behavior on top of much more.

To be totally honest I've been a little out of the loop on lakes as of late and Phil sheds light on a number of techniques that I have never used before.  You don't want to miss this episode if you are interested in fly fishing lakes!


Show Notes from Phil Rowley

Fly Patterns for Stillwater by Phil Rowley

Brian Chan 

Conquering Chironomids DVD

Gary LaFontaine - Caddisflies

A few of Phil's fly patterns ---> The Chromie and The Collaborator and the Balanced leech

A book Phil noted that was an influence --->  The Gilly  (A fly fishing guide to British Columbia)

Jack Shaw (The Father of Chironomid Fishing)

Gary Borger (Designing Flies) and Doug Swisher (Fly Tying)

The Stillwater App  The Facebook page for the new app that will put Phil's knowledge inside your pocket!

The Boise Fly Fishing show and a few others where you can find Phil over the next year


You can Find Phil Here:

Click on the link below to get all of the show notes and links: