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Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast

Nov 20, 2018

Show Notes:

I had a chance to pick the brain of the Gary Lewis, TV Show host of Frontier Unlimited and author of a bunch of books and articles on fly fishing and hunting.

We talk about the MacNab challenge, Hunt Tv, the Pursuit Channel and how he found himself on the cover of Salmon, Trout Steelheader and how that felt.  Lot's of good stuff as we mix it up again this week.

Show Notes with Gary Lewis

06:42 - John Gierach was on the show in episode 47.

08:12 - Frontier Unlimited is Gary's TV show

10:55 - The Utah Cutt Slam program gets noted here.

12:05 - The MacNab Challenge comes from the John MacNab novel.

20:10 - Whiskey 5, Leupold binoculars

23:40 - 6th Edition of Fishing Central Oregon and Fishing Mt. Hood Country

25:30 - The Pursuit Channel and Hunt Channel.TV

33:10 - The Teeny Nymph was noted again

34:10 - The Fly Fishing and Tying Journal

34:30 - Gary makes the cover of Salmon, Trout and Steelheader

41:00 - The episode on hunting red stag in New Zealand

43:20 - The show where Gary does the MacNab Challenge

45:00 - The Amphicar is a car and a boat all in one.

51:10 - Boy Iberson has a great book on Blacktail Trophy Tactics


You can find Gary at or at his TV show Frontier Unlimited


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Conclusion with Gary Lewis

That was great to mix it up a bit with Gary Lewis.  The MacNab challenge was really of interest to me because getting a steelhead, chukar and deer in the same day is a crazy challenge.

Gary also provides some good tips on hunting and fishing.  Head over to Frontier Unlimited to check out Gary's TV show.

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